How to use Videos to increase the sales of your website

Nowadays, video marketing offers great benefits for companies, businesses and organizations who wish to provide up to the minute information or establish professional contact with their potential clients. Also, as well as uploading videos to YouTube or other social networking sites such as Facebook, it is also important to incorporate them into the company’s own web page with the aim of improving the usability and effectiveness of the page.

According to some statistics, the use of video can increase by up to 400% the conversion of a web page, that is to say it can facilitate the conversion of visitors to a web page into clients, as long as the use of video is appropriate and the content is interesting for users.

As far as the content of videos that should be inserted to achieve an effective web page is concerned, there are various options. If we concentrate on the point of view of the client, the main themes that users mention are:

  • Video presentation about the page or the company: Create an explanatory video which welcomes the client or web page user, tells them about the information that they can find and also highlights where and how they can ask for more information and how they can contact the business. Normally these videos feature people employed by the business and they often show the face of the person giving the message with the aim of increasing the credibility of the message.
  • Help video: The majority of websites which have booking engines (for example hotels) or shopping baskets (such as online retailers) can benefit greatly by having explanatory videos showing step by step how to make a purchase, make a reservation or send a query about using the website. In general, web users and consumers have some degree of uncertainty when buying or making reservations over the internet, and an explanatory video can help greatly in decreasing these uncertainties from the first moment and thus improve sales through the website.
  • Video presentation about the employees: the use of these types of videos offer a good opportunity to show the human side of the business and create a climate of confidence and closeness between the client and the business., When creating videos for a web page it is important to always bear in mind what the user objective of the page is, and always talk about themes which are interesting from the point of view of the user.

Most companies are now using Flash technology to present their videos on their web page. However, even today, the most recommended method is to upload videos to YouTube and then embed them into the company’s own web page. This is a simple method, given that YouTube videos can be seen by all types of users and from different types of hardware such as the iPhone or the iPad.

This detail is important because the percentage of people who are using mobile devices or an iPad to access information is growing in an exponential manner, and in the next few years it is calculated that this figure will reach an important market share.