Deadly Mistakes of Local Video Marketing

Whether you work as a social media manager or are small business owner, local video marketing can bring you huge benefits when done right.

Here are some common mistakes I see people committing when they start local video marketing, and I share them, so that you can avoid them.

Don’t buy a professional camrecorder

Use cameras which are small and easy to take with you, and stay away from big and expensive traditional camrecorders. Iphone 4 and Iphone 4s take great quality videos and you can even do the editing of the videos on the go with apps like Imovie or Splice.

Don’t hire an actor

Most of the time that will only make your video look unnatural and not authentic. Don’t worry if a person says something like, “Ahh, ahh” or something like that, that he is not communicating well – it’s not a big thing because that will make the video more natural and more transparent. So, small mistakes will make the video perfect for local companies because we want to highlight the fact that they are there to serve. They are not professional video creators.

Don’t get stuck on the editing video too long

Keep your videos really short and simple. If you need to shoot the video several times do it. That is normally better than to spend hours editing the video. It’s best to use the editing features inside YouTube. For example, YouTube annotations

Don’t overcomplicate things

Some of my social media manager training students can get stuck with old beliefs that video marketing is a hard and complicated process that takes a great deal of your time. Due to modern technology and the wide variety of tools available now, you can produce good-quality material fairly quickly, and the main focus is on creating a large quantity of short videos.